The Essence of Brick Art

It is one thing to produce excellent results on occasion. That simply requires skill. However, to be consistently excellent requires a deeper level of commitment.

It requires a philosophy – a way of thinking. A culture – a way of being.

We at Brick Art Construction have thought long and hard about what it takes to foster such a culture of excellence, and came to realise that it requires a clear vision, a well-structured plan to manifest that vision, and a commitment to the practices that enable us to generate extraordinary work on an ongoing basis.

This is why, while we embrace the ever-evolving nature of a fast-paced world life, we remain loyal to our unchanging values of craftsmanship, service and quality.

We aim to stay true to our heritage, even as we produce work that is contemporary and unique. We bring every ounce of our collective craftsmanship to every single project, avoiding short-term compromise in order to produce timeless family homes that will be enjoyed by generations.

Your Investment Construction Partner

Brick Art Construction is a South African company with origins in project management. Focussing on luxury residential construction in Paarl, Franschhoek and Stellenbosch, we deliver master-crafted residences and villas of the highest standard, and are recognised for our outstanding client service and attention to detail.

Our management team has expert experience in the building industry and has completed an impressive portfolio of over 100 blue-chip projects since our inception in 2011.

Our core expertise in construction is augmented by a comprehensive range of specialist services to reduce risk and add value. We combine and tailor these services to create inclusive solutions for the specific needs of each unique project.

We offer more than just vision. Our true magic lies in our ability to turn seemingly unattainable dreams into master-crafted realities.

Our Construction Excellence Philosophy

brickart crest

“We create an environment that enable our people to take pride in acting with these values in the things we do. We are passionate about recruiting and developing the best people, working with the best teams and delivering successful solutions that respect the environment."

Passion for quality

To exceed specifications and benchmarks


To be the very best at what we do


Expertly crafted residential homes

Lion’s head

Guardian Project Management

Five stars

Ensure award-winning excellence and pride in all our projects


Cast-iron integrity

Partner for life

To nurture lifelong partnerships with our clients and business partners

Best people

To attract, develop and retain the best people

Profitable growth

To run a sustainable, profitable and fair business

Right first time

To ensure professional planning and execution