The Brick Art Construction and Guardian Project Management Team
Leonhard Jonas

LEONHARD JONAS – Managing Director

I consider myself a competitive, motivated, and intentionally positive person. I don’t subscribe to the idea of limited potential. I want to see what’s possible, both for myself and for our clients. Personally, I have the honour of being a husband to my wife Nicolette and a father to my son Leonardo and daughter Nicole-Ann. For me, having my family behind me and supporting me has really shaped who I am and what my priorities are – well, they and my tenacity. I am never satisfied with where I am at, but always looking for ways to grow. I feel quality can always be improved, and I am proud to say that I am persistently pursuing perfection. Professionally, I spent the first 12 years in my previous life as a banker with institutions such as SARB, Investec and RMB Private Advisory. I obtained numerous qualifications in finance and property development and I am a registered Professional Banker and -Project Manager. In 2008 I identified a series of opportunities and decided not to allow my successes to be immersed into large organisations. To this extent, I founded Guardian Project Management and later Brick Art Construction. I possess strong analytical, entrepreneurial, leadership and organisational skills, as well as attention to detail. I love the process of growth and change, and I am continually learning how to lead my company and my team. I’m a solutions guy and an anything is possible guy. I love people, and I love Paarl. I love the German characteristics instilled in me of discipline, efficiency, work ethic, being well-organised, punctual and tradition. Trails. Mountains. Trees. Sunsets and sunrises. Good coffee. Braai. Sign me up. Let’s go!

RYNO BEUKMAN – Operational Director

After studying Construction Technology part time at Intec College, I furthered my studies in Construction Management at CPUT. In 2010 I began my career working for a company in Somerset West before joining Brick Art Construction in 2013. I am proud to have managed the construction of some of Paarl Valley’s most notable residential homes. As an on-site Project Manager, I’m responsible for managing all aspects of the project, including the scheduling, accounting, and the oversight of our managers, foreman and subcontractors for safety and quality. I have the ability to make decisions quickly and under pressure while maintaining the best interest of our clients and proving fairness to subcontractors to maintain schedule and quality. Speed is in my blood. Coming from a family whose favourite past time is racing motocross, I know a little about speed and its relation to control. When it comes to projects, speed is important (at least all our clients think so), but from my angle, speed is not as important as efficiency. To be efficient, you must have balance; you cannot simply ‘go fast’, as you may leave important elements behind. On the flip side, paralysis by analysis is just as big a threat to efficiency, and sometimes you just have to twist the throttle. As Operational Director, this is a balance my team and I are constantly evaluating. No project runs the same, and ‘throttle control’ is often the key to running a successful project. My wife Leanne and dogs Marley and Zoe are my world. Of all the hobbies and activities I enjoy, nothing beats the time spent with my family. God has blessed me with an amazing family both at home and at work. We are very proud to call Paarl our home.